Latex Free Elastic

For those who are allergic to latex and for those environmentally-conscious people who don’t want to damage the atmosphere by leaving a big carbon footprint. We present optimum quality latex free elastic. Jai Roop Textiles Pvt. Ltd. is one of the topmost Latex Free Elastic Manufacturers In Delhi. Meeting the varying demands of our clients associated with elastics, we have never compromised with quality. This elastic is equally durable to rubber elastic and also retains stretch retention. It has a “lazy” return, which means that it doesn’t snap back to its original form when stretched.

Applications Of Latex Free Elastics:

  • Textile Industry - It is used in intimate wear, active wear, active wear and home textiles like furniture covers and bed sheets.
  • Medical Sector - These elastics are used for various applications such as leg straps, knee and back support. It is also used in many other things in the medical sector.
  • Custom-Specific Applications - They are also useful in making different components of swimming goggles, industrial goggles, vacuum cleaner bag closures and many other things.

We are notable among the most respected Latex Free Elastic Tape Exporters and Suppliers In India. Get in touch with us to discuss your order in details.